Is your putter holding you back?

It's been a busy month in the lab. Golfers coming out of cold storage and looking to get their season off and running by ensuring their putting is up to speed.

In my experience so far I am finding that there is very little understanding of selecting a putter that suits YOU!!

There are so many ways to putt and putters to choose from. Simply watch an event from the European or PGA Tours and you will see a huge range of putting styles, putting grips and a vast array of putters.

How do you know which one suits you?

Well....this is where we can help. There are hundreds of different models on the market but within one session we can quickly identify the characteristics of YOUR stroke and identify a selection of putters which suit your technique.

What's involved?

There are lots of elements to finding a suitable putter, luckily, you don't have to fully understand the entire process.....that's my job.

A combination of Path, Face Rotation, Speed, Rhythm and Impact Position will combine to make up the length, lie angle, loft, balance and weight of the putter.

Get it wrong and your putter could be working against what you do naturally.

The days of picking up a putter....hitting a few putts on the putting green and buying it are gone. You get fitted for your Driver...a club you use less than 10 times per why not your putter!!

Results so far have shown a dramatic and instant improvement in performance and consistency.

Book a session today to find out your characteristics and ensure you and your putter are working together.

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