Are you practicing productively?

Golf is a funny game. You don't always get out of it what you put in.

Why is this?

Well, basically, it is because many people who do a lot of practicing are practicing the wrong things.

Practicing bad habits doesn't make you a better golfer.

The same applies with putting.

In order to make your practise time productive, you have to understand WHAT you are practicing.

I see it all the time and I have been through it all myself. Players going round in circles, trying new things in search of the answer to better putting. Sometimes they stumble upon a quick fix or something that works for 5 minutes, but as soon as it fails, they are back in the cycle of the never ending search.


How do we solve this? Simple.....

Firstly you have to find out your strengths and weaknesses and then get to work on how to become a better putter.

Sometimes this is through better technique.

Sometimes this is through a better approach, or better mental process.

Even if you are not one to stand and practice for long periods, if you understand your putting, you will have a much better chance to overcome your weaknesses if you understand what they are.

Book a session now....

...........Otherwise you will just continue on that never ending search

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