The yips! It is like a swear word in the golfing world but an issue which needs covered.

Most commonly associated with putting it is equally as prevalent in chipping/pitching but it can affect any aspect of the game. do we cure it!!

What is it?

Firstly we have to understand what it is. Definitions are hard to come by but it is an involuntary movement which occurs just before impact. Generally developed over a long period of time however it can occur instantly.

The yips is generally the breakdown of a skill which could previously be performed without thinking.

Putting Yips and chipping yips are different and need to be approached differently. To read more about this, click here.

Is it related to Golf Ability?

Yips is by no means linked to your golfing ability. It occurs at all levels. Pro's experience the yips and many club golfers also suffer the dreaded yips. Bernhard Langer, Sergio Garcia and Ernie Els being some of the most common examples.

The Cure....

Unfortunately there is not a quick fix...if there wouldn't be such a big issue in the game.

However, in saying that, with the correct help, results can be seen very quickly.

The difficulty of curing the yips is that each individual case is varying in its form and each individual golfer responds differently to the "treatments" and methods used to overcome the issue.

The first step.....

Taking the first step can often be the hardest. My initial session can last up to 2 hours as this time is needed for me to understand the problem, try a few treatment methods and put together a plan to overcome the issue.

Book your yips session now by clicking here.

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