The yips can occur for any part of the game but mainly in the short game.  Putting yips seem to be the most common however the chipping/pitching yips are equally as common.

It is a terrible thing to develop but the good news is that it can be overcome.

Putting Yips:

An involuntary movement which generally occurs just before impact which can cause the clubface to twist and the direction and pace to be widely off the mark.  This can result in many people having difficulty getting the ball into the hole, even from extremely short distances.

Chipping Yips:

Similarly to putting yips, this is an involuntary movement which occurs shortly before impact but the difference with chipping is that it is the height of the club which seems to be sacrificed.  This means than many shots are hit fat, or thin and the connection with the ball becomes extremely inconsistent and the results can be devastating.

There is no quick fix but with the correct advice and mindset, the yips can be overcome.  

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